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Telluride Hydroponics & Organics offers all sizes, brands and types of agriculture/horticulture supplies. From start to finish we put you the grower first. T.H.O. is an Authorized Distributor of HydroFarm, SunLight Supply, DripWorks, Botanicare , American Hydroponics, National Garden Wholesale, TradeWinds Garden Wholesale, Humboldt Nation, Nickel City Garden Wholesale, BWGS, PowerBox Inc, R&M Supply, TrimPro, Advanced Nutrients, Current Culture H2O Hydroponics and True Green Organics products.

If you’re looking to start growing a higher quality of fruits, vegetables or herbs directly at your location, then our highly trained staff can grow you towards the ultimate solution! With T.H.O. you always enjoy the most competitive prices on products, receive exceptional service, and professional instruction in the art of gardening just like the experts.



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Organic Nutrients and Mediums

Ensure the highest quality food and a healthier farmland with our organic enhancers, nutrients and mediums. Our goal is to help you grow exceptional fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are good for your mind, body and soul. Grow your own to replenish the environment without sacrificing quality.

Choose from:

  • organic-farming-handsHydroton
  • Worm Castings
  • Botanicare Coco Fiber
  • ROOTS Organics Soils
  • FoxFarm Soils
  • BioBizz Soils/Coco
  • Sure To Grow
  • Rockwool/Grodan
  • Sunshine Mix #2 & #4
  • Mother Earth Perlite
  • Gold Label Coco Mix
  • Pro-Mix Soils

Lighting & Tracking Systems

Keep your hydroponic garden in top shape with lighting systems from Telluride Hydroponics & Organics. We’ve got the products you need for the healthy, fresh-tasting fruits, vegetables, and herbs you desire, including:

  • cannabis-landing-pagePowerBox Light Controllers
  • HPS/MH Lamps
  • Quantum E-Ballasts
  • XXL/Raptor Reflectors
  • Lumatek/Phantoms
  • Titan/C.A.P. Controllers
  • Vortex/Active Air Fans
  • Bad Boy T-5 Lighting
  • AgroSun/Hortilux
  • Intellidrive Light Systems

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